When the Danish Aquarium relocated from Charlottenlund to Kastrup and changed its name to Den Blå Planet it also became Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. The impressive location right next to Oresund and the whirling and stunning architecture with more than 20,000 fish and ocean animals makes the aquarium one of the most prominent tourist attractions in Denmark. Den Blå Planet asked us to help them create a visual identity, including brand platform, web and communications concept.

With a strong focus on communicating knowledge of the life of the ocean in an entertaining way, Den Blå Planet wanted to create an engaging universe for both children and adults. Unlike many other tourist attractions Den Blå Planet is build up around one single concept. The entire set-up, from the building to the visual identity, is established around inviting the visitors to explore a wondrous world of creatures below the surface of the sea.

We created a simple and yet impactful idea: The typography has been dumped into the ocean and it floats through the whirls of water creating a both quirky and untraditional identity. The visual identity and design has been implemented on both promotional material, posters and web.