Benny Box

Title sequence for drama series about faith

We worked closely with the creators of ‘Herrens Veje’ creating this highly symbolic title sequence for their latest drama series.

What is faith? How does the world look through the eyes of the believer, and how does it look when when you loose your faith? That is some of the key questions in the latest drama series from DR Drama and writer Adam Price. The series follows a family with the protestant priest Johannes (played by Lars Mikkelsen) as the patriarch of the family. Our aim was to make a title sequence that uses light as a metaphor of faith and belief, and darkness as a symbol of loosing faith. We wanted to touch upon biblical symbolism, and the look of classical biblical painting without limiting the concept to christianity, as the series touches upon faith as human state of mind not restricted by religion. The main characters are Protestants but they are influenced by a number of religions throughout the series. The series is a co-production between DR Drama, SAM Francais, and Studio Canal.

English title: Ride upon the Storm

Client: DR Drama
Idea and concept development: Benny Box
Art direction & design: Benny Box
Production: Benny Box & DR Drama
Director of Photography: Aske Alexander Foss
Lighting Director: Martin Lerche
Post production: Benny Box
Grading: Cameo
Composers: Kristian Leth and Fridolin Nordsø
Vocals performed by Claus Hempler

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